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Into Paradiso (Into Paradise) tickets and sponsorship

  • 01 Apr 2012
  • 4:45 PM
  • Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Auditorium 150; 612-874-3700


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  • Please bring documentation of student status.

Tickets and sponsorship for Into Paradiso   

Into Paradise (2010) – Drama - 104 min.
Director: Paola Randi

When Sri Lankan Gayan Pereira lands in Naples his dream of a new life in “paradise” is immediately crushed, and all he wants to do is find the money for a ticket back home. While he is barely tolerating his new job as a servant for an insane judge, he finds himself caught in the middle of the following mafia muddle.

Naples native Alfonso D'Onofrio has been unexpectedly fired from his job. When he asks his old acquaintance, local politician Vincenzo Cacacce, to help him get his job back, Vincenzo asks for a favor in return. What Alfonso doesn’t know is that the favor is a mafia mission, and when it goes awry Alfonso is forced to hide out in an apartment in a nearby Sri Lankan quarter. which happens to be Gayan’s new home. Since Alfonso cannot leave the compound for fear of being caught by bone-headed mafia hit men, he and Gayan are forced to become acquainted.

Into Paradiso is a delightfully silly tale of friendship and discovery interlaced with compassion and humor.
In Italian with English subtitles.

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