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VIAGGIO NEL CINEMA II: Popular Italian Film Genres, the Case of Tragicomedy

  • 20 Feb 2021
  • 6:00 PM - 6:40 PM
  • Online Event


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In anticipation of the upcoming annual Italian Film Festival of Minneapolis / St. Paul (Feb. 25 - March 4), scholar Federico Pacchioni Ph.D. will deliver a series of virtual introductory talks on Italian cinema’s defining trends and genres.


Viaggio nel Cinema II: Popular Italian Film Genres, the Case of Tragicomedy 

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 6:00 - 6:40 PM

The second appointment in Dr. Pacchioni’s virtual talks series continues to interrogate the nature of Italy’s national cinema, this time by focusing on the genres that have captured Italian audiences more than others, while drawing much interest abroad: the spaghetti western, the giallo, the horror film, and the commedia all’italiana. Particular attention will be given to the latter, which consists in a unique form of tragicomedy with deep cultural and theatrical roots, a genre that continues to be extremely vital and popular today. While profiling actors, directors and films that have shaped this genre, the presentation will clarify how Italian comedy has evolved during the decades and the reasons behind its continued success in Italy.

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All participants will enter a raffle to win a signed copy of Peter Bondanella and Federico Pacchioni's A History of Italian Cinema (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2017), a mainstay for courses on Italian cinema in the English-speaking world. 


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Dr. Federico Pacchioni is a scholar, writer, and educator. He has taught courses on Italian society, literature and cinema at several institutions of higher education, including Indiana University Bloomington, University of Connecticut, Middlebury College, and Chapman University. Dr. Pacchioni currently lives in Orange, California and lectures widely on Italian cultural history and film. He is the author of more than fifty publications, among which are groundbreaking volumes such as Inspiring Fellini: Literary Collaborations behind the Scenes (University of Toronto Press, 2014), The Image of the Puppet: Essays on Theater, Film and Literature (Metauro Edizioni, 2020), and the coauthor of the newest edition of Peter Bondanella’s A History of Italian Cinema (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2017), a mainstay for courses on Italian cinema in the English-speaking world. 


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