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Luisa O'Gara, Youth Language School Director-Instructor Beginner/Intermediate ages 11-17

Mother of two young bilingual children was born and raised in Puglia. The youngest of three, her mother was a school teacher and her father was a farmer. Her mother’s love for teaching inspired her to pursue a degree in Education from the University of Firenze. She moved to Minnesota in 2002 and worked as a preschool teacher for St. David’s Center for Child & Family Development. Since 2012 Luisa has been working as Italian instructor for both the Adult and the Children Programs of the ICC. She loves to share her passion for cooking and making homemade pasta - just the way her nonna taught her.

Maruska Monaco, Instructor Beginner/Intermediate and Bilingual ages 7-10

Recently relocated to Minnesota in 2019 with her husband and children. Born and raised in Cuneo, Piemonte, after attending Liceo Classico, Maruska earned an engineering degree from Politecnico di Torino and a Diploma in Piano from the Conservatorio Verdi di Torino. During her engineering studies she met her husband, and after working in Italy for a while they decided to follow their “American Dream” and moved to the Boston area for graduate studies at MIT. They spent many years studying and working in Boston, and then they moved to Iowa and now Minnesota! After raising three bilingual children and a long career in the stock market, she’s exploring her old passions for piano and Italian teaching, along with her finance and investment interests.

Michela Diotallevi, Instructor Beginner/Intermediate and Bilingual ages 3-6

Michela was born in Pesaro (Marche) and attended Liceo Artistico, a specialized art high school. She studied sociology in Urbino, and then moved to Rome, where she had a job as a social worker in a foster home. She went on to work for a non-profit organization (AINA ONLUS) focused on projects for Africa, allowing her to travel to Kenya to help in local missions. Michela moved to the USA with her husband Gianluca and daughter Veronica (11) in 2012, initially in Houston working as a teacher for adults and kids at the Italian cultural community, then in Brooklyn NY.
She and her family relocated to Minneapolis in 2019, and she is now working as an instructor for the Italian Cultural Center. Michela is passionate about art, and she loves to draw rocks.


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