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2019 Trieste Blog

This year our educational travel group will be in Trieste, a stunning city, located in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.  As with our previous educational trips, students enjoy learning Italian in the morning and traveling to the nearby towns and attractions in the afternoon.  A two-week itinerary has been planned which will take the group through Saturday, October 5, when they return to the US. 

We asked our students to contribute a few thoughts and reflections of their daily experiences. They will be posted here along with a selection of photos.  Follow along as they recount their adventures, inside and outside the classroom.

Pre-Travel Adventures!

Prior to any educational trip, participants gather together for a variety of activities.  2019 has been no exception.  Early on, in March of 2019, group members met for dinner at Arezzo Ristorante, in Edina.

Then, in early April of 2019, Gruppo Trieste participants were introduced to Trieste, and the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia via the father of ICC staff member, Tiziana Cervesato.  He generously agreed to share his knowledge and experience of the area with our latest educational travel group.

Each year, the Italian school selected sends us a list of books and films which were written by regional authors or created in our region of choice.  In 2019, group members read "Va'dove ti porta il cuore" (Follow Your Heart) written by Trieste native, Suzanna Tamaro.  Fortunately, a film based on the book (Follow Your Heart) was produced.  In mid-May 2019, the group met to view the film and discuss the text.  



And of course, all of our groups enjoy becoming familiar with the cuisine of the Italian region we will visit.  This year was no exception, and ICC instructor, Romina Montanari, assisted us once again!  In mid-June of 2019,  group members created Cialzon, a pasta native to the Friuli region.  This pasta was quite different than anything we have attempted before, and the filling contained spinach, raisins, cinnamon, and chocolate!  Everyone is looking forward to searching for Cialzon on menus during our trip!








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