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We recommend parking in the C Ramp using the pedestrian exit onto Third Street. The Third Street Exit is the closest exit to the entrance to our office in The Traffic Zone Building. It is accessible from I-394 East coming downtown. Otherwise, it is very convenient to access the ramp from Third Ave. when passing in front of our building; the entrance to the ramp is just a block ahead on the right under the building. 

The ABC Ramps Mobility Hub is fully automated to make payment simple and easy. Credit cards are accepted at the exits.

Ramp C Hourly Rates

0-1 hour$4.00
1-2 hours$6.00

2-3 hours$9.00

3-4 hours$10.00

4-12 hours$12.00

12-24 hours$15.00

Other Rates

Nights Sun-Wed (after 2:00pm)$5.00
Nights Thurs-Sat (early entry 2:00-5:00pm) $5.00

Nights Thurs-Sat (enter after 5:00pm)$8.50

Sat or Sun (4:00am-4:00pm, non-event days)$5.00


Credit Card Payments

Insert the parking ticket at the exit.
The rate will post; then insert credit card. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are

Remove the card and the gate will open.

You can also pay by credit card at a pay station located in the parking ramp.

Within 15 minutes after paying, insert the ticket at the exit and the gate will open.

Cash Payments

Take the ticket with you.
Pay at a pay station.

Within 15 minutes after paying, insert the ticket at the exit and the gate will open.

MPLS Parking App Payments

Download the MPLS parking app.
Create an account and add a credit card.

Pay by zone with the zone number on your ticket (Ramp A: 181; Ramp B: 182, Ramp C:
183) and scan your ticket with your phone.

At the exit, enter your ticket and the card registered to your account will automatically be


On street parking with meter available on Third Avenue in front of the Traffic Zone building.

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