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Book Club and Tavola Rotonda

  Our Book Club was established for the purpose of improving reading, pronunciation and listening skills in Italian. In our meetings, we read and discuss Italian classics and modern literature in a relaxed atmosphere. While all participants take turns reading aloud, the group leader ensures that everyone has a grasp of the meaning and conducts the discussion in Italian as much as possible. Previous books included Pinocchio, I Promessi Sposi, and Inspector Montalbano’s novels, to name a few.

The Tavola Rotonda Book Discussions are for those with advanced language proficiency and prefer to read an Italian book on their own.  Once a new book has been chosen, participants will purchase and read the book prior to attending the discussion session. Our native instructors will lead the discussion and help participants further understand the book.

Check our website regularly to find out about the next Book Club or Tavola Rotonda meetings and the appropriate reading level.  ICC members and non-members are welcome.

Vieni a leggere con noi!

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Upcoming events

    • 13 Jun 2019
    • 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
    • Next Chapter Booksellers, 38 Snelling Avenue South, St. Paul, MN 55105
    • 74


    Could a symbol hidden in the U.S. one dollar currency hold the key to who is behind a plot to control over 200 billion dollars?

    Barricades surround St. Peter’s Basilica and the scene of a gruesome murder. Alonso Garibaldi Poggiani head of Vatican Bank is dead. This, along with the unprecedented election of the first Jesuit Pope, many inside the Vatican wonder if their suspicions are coming true. A code of instructions found in an ancient document, known as the Monita Secreta, outline the methods to increase the Jesuits power around the world but repeatedly deny its existence. Cardinal McKenna calls his friend Anthony Andruccioli asking him to help find out who killed the banker. But, even more troubling is the question could the Pope be involved somehow. Anthony joins forces with the beautiful Christine and they become aware of another powerful group with international connections and must figure out who is the real enemy.


    Meet The Author:

    Now is your opportunity to meet Deborah Stevens, local Italian American author of  "The Serpent's Disciple" and her latest book, "Holy Predator".  Deborah will join us for a book discussion/reading event, at Next Chapter Booksellers (former Common Good Books), 38 South Snelling Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota, 651 225-8989. This FREE event will be held on Thursday evening, June 13, beginning at 7 p.m.

    Come to meet Deborah, learn about her award winning novels, and enjoy live music!  Cellist, Sandra Haines, and violinist, Carol Margolis, both ICC members and students in the ICC language program, will perform Italian pieces.  This is an evening you won't want to miss!

    This is a FREE event! Please register here today, plan to meet Deborah, Sandra and Carol, and take part in what promises to be a fascinating evening!

    Date:  Thursday, June 13

    Time: 7- 8:30 p.m.

    Place: Next Chapter Booksellers, 38 Snelling Avenue South, St. Paul, MN 55105

    The Story Behind The Author:

    Deborah Stevens

    Deborah Stevens is a native of Detroit, Michigan, who now lives in Minnesota.  Stevens majored in Interior Design.  Her interest in the arts and to detail is evident in her debut novel, "The Serpent's Disciple", and in the second in the series, "Holy Predator", where she describes famous paintings, architectural landmarks, and intriguing, little know facts.  The first book, "The Serpent's Disciple" has been honored with multiple coveted awards, including The Pinnacle Book Achievement Aware for best Thriller, A Book Excellence Aware, American Friction Award for best Religious Thriller, a finalist in the Best Book Awards, an Honorable Mention through the Great Midwest Book Festival, and a finalist in the International Book Awards for Religious Fiction.  Deborah has traveled extensively to Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, and the Caribbean, and has a soft spot for her ancestral home of Italy.

    Here are some reviews of Deborah's latest book:

    Carol Margolis graduated from Grinnell College with a degree in American Studies and a minor in Violin Performance. At Grinnell she studied performance with Delmar Pettys of the Lenox String Quartet.  She studied ensemble playing with Bonnie Hampton and Nathan Swartz of the Francesco Trio. She went on to the University of Minnesota to study performance and pedagogy with Shirley Santoro and Mary West.  Carol is a 25 year member of the Lake String Quartet and has played a variety of other professional venues including the Minnesota Opera, The State Fair Orchestra, Ruperts Club, Broadway shows and the Viennese Strings. She is the Concertmistress of the Minneapolis Civic Orchestra and an Artist member of Thursday Musical.

    Sandra Haines studied cello with Maestro Benedetto Mazzacurati in Bologna, Italy.  She has a M.A.  in music and a M.S. in Psychology from  Kansas State University.  She is a performing member of Thursday Musical and a member of The Ariel Trio.


    Please contact Peggy at with your questions.



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