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A New Year!

30 Jan 2012 10:51 PM | Anonymous
Ciao a tutti,
A new year has arrived, and winter term has begun! We held our usual open house in early January, but this time, we included a volunteer fair as part of the festivities.  All of those in attendance were able to hear the marvelous voice of Asha, a blossoming opera star!  What an amazing voice she has!

When classes began the week of January 9th, another 62 students were enrolled in 9 classes.  We are offering classes at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.  We are missing our wonderful instructor, Margherita Ghiselli.  She is spending several weeks in Tanzania, working on her PhD.  What an exciting experience for her, and though we miss her, we hope to see her in class again this spring.

There are many exciting events approaching in the upcoming weeks.  Please take a look at our website to learn all about the pre-Valentine's Day chocolate event.  Are you ready to cook up a storm?  You may want to join Carmela on February 21st, as she prepares a 5 course Tuscan dinner.  This will be an excellent opportunity to visit with Carmela, and learn some new cooking methods from her.

We are in the midst of making plans for our traditional Festeggiamo dinner.  We hope to visit the Lexington Restaurant, in St. Paul, once again.  Watch for some exciting details, which will be on our website, very soon!

Have you met Benny the Chef yet??  If not, see if you can find him on our website, or in a current issue of Bollettino.  Benny will be a regular contributor to Bollettino...He is a native Italian chef, who has written a cook book and instructs many cooking classes.  Perhaps one day he will bring his skill to the Minneapolis area.

As always, the CineForum is underway each month.  It will be held at MCAD, and is free of charge...although donations are always accepted!  The movies are wonderful, so please take the time to stop by.  In addition, plans are underway for the 4th annual Italian Film Festival, to be held at the end of March.  Details will be on our website very soon!

Have a great winter!
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