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Advanced Students:

Romina continues to be great, attentive to individual levels and needs, curious about the material we introduce, knowledgeable and funny and generous.

Intermediate Students:

Mirella is excellent; the best that I have had. She is prepared & very patient.  Although we use the textbook, Mirella comes up with creative ways to cover the material.  Also, she doesn’t waste class time having us do things that we can do on our own, but instead encourages conversation, while still covering the material.

Beginner/Pre-Intermediate Students:

Ileana comes to each lesson very well prepared. As we go together through each evening's instruction, Ileana balances the pace of that night's instruction with time to answer questions clearly and personalizing the text lessons with notes from own experiences of Italian life. Her supplemental exercises are a huge help as we tackle new material. In her instruction there is never a wasted - or a hurried - minute. I'm always amazed at how much we do.

I am really enjoying my pre-intermediate class with Luisa. Luisa is a great teacher.

The class materials are easy to follow and Anna has made the course fun, interactive and enjoyable! She is a wonderful teacher. She has adapted to the unexpected circumstances and the online platform still allows us to break into smaller groups, discuss topics as we go along, and continue to progress through the material.







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