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Shirin is a spectacular teacher.  Like any excellent teacher, she is always prepared.  She goes at a pace at which our group learns; she never hurries and checks often for understanding.  She welcomes questions and answers them thoroughly.  She is always respectful. Shirin is demanding but flexible, holds us to standards and explains why they're important.  She encourages us to speak extemporaneously and constantly builds our confidence, especially with grammar.  We write compositions for homework which encourages us to share our life experiences while using vocabulary and grammar we've learned.  Shirin speaks clearly and precisely.  She weaves Italian culture, customs and idiomatic expressions into every class.

Beginner 2 Student

This class is very good, and Romina's instruction is excellent!  She explains grammar better than any instructor I have ever had.

Beginner Student

I love this class.  It has been extrememly hard and rewarding for somone my age to try and learn something new.  I drive from Mankato, so each Monday I am on the road longer than I am in class.  Driving up to class each week, I wonder- why am I doing this, and each time on the way home, I have my answer and am invigorated.  I know that I am not the best student, and I struggle, but the teacher is amazing and very helpful.  She makes me believe that I just may be able to learn this.

Beginner 1 Student

I am loving the Beginner 3 class with Mirella. She strongly encourages us to speak Italian all the time we are partnering with class exercises, which is also good for me.  Mirella is wonderful, she explains clearly, encourages, correct gently, pushes us to keep speaking Italian.

Beginner 3 Student

Luisa is my instructor.  She is very energetic and devoted.  Her being a native speaker is a big plus.  She is very polite and considerate.

Beginner Student

Carmela, one of the teachers of the two classes I am taking, is well-educated and linguistically sophisticated.  She speaks Italian clearly, and those rare times when she must resort to English, she shows herself to be fluent and clear in that language as well.  She is open, honest and friendly with her students; she enjoys a good rapport with all of us.  I am learning alot from her.

Anna is a vivacious and energetic teacher who knows the language very well.  She is broadly educated and thus can make cultural references and allusions of quite astounding range.  She talks very quickly and excitedly.  Anna is especially good at explaining difficult words and idiomatic explanations....

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