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Le nostre meravigliose famiglie.

09 Apr 2015 4:29 PM | Anonymous

 Questa e' la storia della famiglia di Cristina, una studentessa di italiano iscritta nel corso beginner. Cristina e' di discenzenza ispanica che nutre un forte interesse nell'apprendimento della lingua e della cultura italiana. I suoi genitori sono molto contenti per la sua scelta e noi insegnanti siamo orgogliosi di lei e dei suoi traguardi

This is  the story of Cristina's family, she is a student enrolled in the course of Italian beginner corso C. Cristina has an Hispanic background, she has a strong interest in learning about Italian language and culture. Her parents are very happy with her choice and us teachers are proud of her and her goals.

My wife Beatriz López López was born in Toluca, Estado de Mexico and I was born in Zitácuaro, Michoacán in the central region of México.  All our relatives are in México and our parents and grandparents were born there within the same region as far as we know.  We are Roman catholic and are part of the St. Francis community in West St. Paul. Our native language is Spanish. We did not practice English until we settle here in the twin cities area in 1999. We migrated to USA in February 1999, we wanted to start the new century in the USA. We live currently in Eagan where we bought our house in 2000. Our son Salvador Alonso Suarez Lopez was born in 2/12/2000 and Cristina two years later on 9/30/2002. Learning English has been a pleasure experience. Our children speak fluently both languages, Spanish and English. They both take the advance class of Spanish at the high school level and French as part of the middle school grade they go to. We all have discovered the amazing experience, confidence, and ability that speaking other language provides. Cristina developed a high interest in Italian. She asked for a way to learn it. Alonso in the other way is interested in German. As part of my research I was not just looking for Italian classes but something more complete that could give Cristina a better experience on the Italian culture. I found the Italian Cultural Center through the internet.  We are interested not only on the language but the actual Italian culture, music, food, art, etc. and interacting with people with Italian heritage is just great.  We believe all this could fill Cristina’s Italian experience and interest.

Cristina just got recently enrolled on the beginner’s class. As parent we see Cristina excited to go every Sunday. She has a spark about it and shows a nice smile when talking about her Italian classes. We are looking forward to get more involved to get a better experience for Cristina and all the family with the Italian culture.

Thank you,

Cristina’s dad.

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