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Carissime famiglie,

La scuola dei ragazzi è momentaneamente sospesa. ICC sta valutando risorse per la formazione di un team in grado di continuare ad offrire un programma scolastico di qualità. Sarete informati non appena si realizzerà. Grazie!

Dear families, 

The youth school is currently on a temporary pause. The ICC is in the process of evaluating its resources in order to create a new team and to continue offering a quality children's program. You will be informed of any further update as soon as possible. Grazie!


The ICC children's language program is the product of the hard work and enthusiastic dedication of a group of families that in the fall of 2007 asked themselves why there was not a place in the Twin Cities for children to gather to learn Italian and celebrate Italian culture. In conjunction with the Italian Cultural Center, these families embarked on an adventure that resulted in a wonderful program through which local children were able to study Italian language and culture.
That initiative gradually evolved into the current language school, which offers a bilingual/advanced and a beginner/intermediate track to best meet the diverse needs of its students.                                                                                                  

The ICC children's language program began as a community-driven phenomenon and continues to depend on the active participation and support of the parents who entrust their children to it. 



The Italian Cultural Center of Minneapolis/St. Paul is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization
  250 Third Ave N., Suite 625 | Minneapolis, MN 55401 | (612) 295-4111 

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