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Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language

We are pleased to announce that iCC has become a certification center for PLIDA certification, the only such center in Minnesota. The PLIDA certificate (Progetto Lingua Italiana Dante Alighieri) is an official diploma issued by Società Dante Alighieri under an agreement with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with the scientific approval of the University of Rome "La Sapienza".
The PLIDA certificate is also recognized by the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policies and by the Ministry of University and Research as a qualification for the facilitated enrollment of foreign students.

The PLIDA certificate attests proficiency in Italian as a foreign language on the basis of a six-level scale. 
The PLIDA certificates can be presented for citizenship application, long-term EU residence permit, and study visa.

The scale ranges from level A1, the most elementary level verifying the ability to use Italian in everyday situations to level C2, the most qualified level, guaranteeing an expertise comparable to that of an educated mother-tongue speaker which could be used in all professional contexts. The PLIDA levels correspond to the six levels of language proficiency established by the Council of Europe in the Common European Framework for Language. You can find a detailed description of the various levels at the Council of Europe website.

Exams will take place at the Italian Cultural Center in Minneapolis based on the rules, regulations, and fees established by PLIDA headquarters. 





B1, B2

Wednesday November 30

Registration deadline: November 22


C1, C2

Thursday December 1

Registration deadline: November 22 


Società Dante Alighieri and ICC memberships are required to take the exams. 

To register for the exams, click here. We will contact you upon completion of registration. For any questions, please contact the Adult School Director at

                                                             Regolamento PLIDA (italiano)                                                                  

PLIDA rules (English) 




Livello A2

Livello B1

Livello B2

Livello C1

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