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The Italian Film Festival is awarded 
"Minnesota's Best" 

Italian Film Festival 2014

The film festival was held March 6th through 9th, 2014. A variety of recently released Italian films took moviegoers on a spectacular journey through the landscapes and stories of Italy and its people. 

All movies were followed by a short discussion. Films were shown in Italian with English subtitles (Trailers below shown in Italian only).

Thank you to all our volunteers, contributors, advertisers and sponsors who made this extraordinary event possible.

 T h u r s d a y ,  M a r c h  6 ,  2 0 1 4    -    6 : 1 5  p m                    -          -          -  PREMIERE

Cuore sacro
(Sacred Heart)

2005, Drama

DirectorFerzan Özpetek

Running time: 120 minutes

Venue: Minneapolis Institute of Arts. 

Watch Trailer

This drama tells the captivating story of a workaholic’s spiritual transformation. Irene is a shrewd, driven businesswoman set on selling family property that includes her mother’s apartment. The suicide deaths of two close friends push Irene to an emotional crossroads and force her to reexamine her priorities. Irene’s search for the sacred in her life is depicted with elegant images and dialogues and extraordinary acting from Barbora Bobulova. 

Barbora Bobulova, Andrea Di Stefano, Lisa Gastoni, Massimo Poggio, Erika Blanc.

2005 David di Donatello: Best Actress (Barbora Bobulova)
and Best Production Design (Andrea Crisanti).
2005 Flaiano Film Festival: Audience Award for Best Actress (Barbora Bobulova),
Best Cinematography (Gianfilippo Corticelli), and Best Supporting Actress (Erika Blanc).

Moderator: Colin Covert, film critic, has covered films for the Star Tribune for 20 years.

Nancy Schaefer
DiaSorin Inc.

 F r i d a y ,  M a r c h  7 ,  2 0 1 4    -    8 : 4 5  p m        -                -                -        -PREMIERE

Viva La Libertà
(Long Live Freedom)

2013, Drama/Comedy       

Director: Roberto Andò

Running time: 94 minutes

Venue: St. Anthony Main Theatre

Politician Enrico Olivieri’s party is projected to be a loser in the next election. As election day draws near, Enrico leaves without a trace to Paris with his ex-lover. His absence prompts his wife Anna and a coworker to concoct an unorthodox solution to the problem: they enlist Erinco’s twin brother, Giovanni Ernani, to take his brother’s place in the political arena. Giovanni, a bipolar philosophy professor who has just been released from a psychiatric clinic, does not share his twin’s nature and temperament. Giovanni provokes unexpected reactions among the media and public. Inspired by Andò’s novel “Il trono vuoto” (“The empty throne”), this film is an elegant and poetic exploration of the themes of power, life and love.

The film stars the incredibly talented Toni Servillo (Il divo, Gomorrah and most recently, the Academy Award nominated film, The Great Beauty)..

Toni Servillo, Valerio Mastandrea, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Michela Cescon, Anna Bonaiuto

2013  David di Donatello: Best Screenplay (Roberto Andò, Angelo Pasquini), 
Best Supporting Actor (Valerio Mastandrea)
2013  Nastri d’argento: Best Screenplay (Roberto Andò, Angelo Pasquini)

Moderator: Massimo Bonavita, co-founder of the Italian Cultural Center and a former senator of the Italian republic.

Bill Gambucci
Linda Martini
Margaret Thompson

S a t u r d a y ,  M a r c h  8 ,  2 0 1 4    -    2 : 3 0  p m       -                                    - PREMIERE
S u n d a y ,  M a r c h  9 ,  2 0 1 4    -    2 : 0 0  p m

Il restauro dei luoghi Verdiani - da Roncole a Sant'Agata passando per Busseto
(Restoring Verdi's Places - from Roncole to Sant'Agata via Busseto)

2001 (re-edited in 2013), Documentary

Director: Andrea Casadeo

Running Time: 18 minutes

Venue: St. Anthony Main Theatre

Celebrate Giuseppe Verdi’s life with a journey to the most important places of his life: from his small childhood home to the wonderful gardens of his “Villa Verdi” in Sant’Agata, you’ll be transported to beautiful settings while learning about the life of this Maestro of the opera. This captivating documentary was first made in 2001 in honor of 100 years since Verdi’s death. We now bring you this short film to celebrate the bicentennial of his birth. 

Nancy Azzam
Karla Miller

 S a t u r d a y ,  M a r c h  8 ,  2 0 1 4    -    3 : 3 0  p m          - 

Teorema Venezia / Das Venedig Prinzip 
(The Venice Syndrome) 

2012, Documentary

Director: Andreas Pichler

Running time: 80 minutes

Venue: St. Anthony Main Theatre

Venice is perhaps the most peculiar city on Earth. Its ethereal beauty attracts thousands of tourists daily. But while more and more tourists are coming to visit this unique city, the Venetians are starting to leave. In The Venice Syndrome, Tyrolean director Andreas Pichler deftly explores how tourism has transformed Venice. The film is marked by images of an empty, hauntingly still city that exists after the tourists leave. The world’s most beautiful city turns into a ghost town at nightfall. Entire quarters, long since abandoned by their inhabitants, stand  empty, their structures seem to provide only a facade to serve tourism interests. The film shows what remains of Venetian life: a subculture of tourist-service industries, a port for monstrous cruisers and an intimate look at a handful of residents who still make Venice their  home.

Pietro Codano, Tudy Sammartini, Giorgio Gross, Federica Chiuch, Flavio Scaggiante

David Estreen
Associates of the James Ford Bell Library/University of Minnesota 

 S a t u r d a y ,  M a r c h  8 ,  2 0 1 4    -    5 : 4 5  p m                   -                        -PREMIERE

Il Rosso e il Blu
(The Red and the Blue)
2012, Comedy

Director: Giuseppe Piccioni

Running time: 98 minutes

Venue: St. Anthony Main Theatre
Watch Trailer

The Red and the Blue gives a fresh, comedic look at life in public high school in 
suburban Rome. The lives and education methods of the three central characters are indelibly altered with an influx of new students. Giuliana is a strict, by-the-books principal, Mr. Fiorito is an aging professor who has lost his passion and Mr. Prezioso is a new substitute full of hope and good intentions. Director Giuseppe Piccioni’s imagined high school becomes a setting in which multiple generations can relate to one another. The Red and the Blue offers a hopeful view on the Italian education system and 21st Century humanity in general.

Margherita Buy, Riccardo Scamarcio, Roberto Herlitzka

2013 Ciak d'Oro: Premio Alice Giovani (Giuseppe Piccioni)

Moderators: Anna Olivero and Sofia Pedrana.
Anna is an Italian Cultural Center Board Member as well as an Italian language instructor. Sofia Pedrana is an Italian Fulbright Scholar at St. Thomas University. 

Christine Imbra

 S a t u r d a y ,  M a r c h  8 ,  2 0 1 4    -    8 : 3 0  p m                         -                  -PREMIERE

Cosimo e Nicole
(Cosimo and Nicole)

2012, Drama

Director: Francesco Amato

Running time: 101 minutes

Venue: St. Anthony Main Theatre

Following the aftermath of the 2001 G8 Summit in Genoa, a young man helps a young French woman who is wounded in the protests. Cosimo and Nicole are unconventional spirits who quickly fall in love with each other. After finding a job working for Paolo, who is a concert organizer, the lovers’ lives are transformed when a young African immigrant falls from a makeshift scaffolding. Following the accident, the central love story of this provocative film is punctuated with social and political commentary and a frank look at the complexity of contemporary life. This film touches a sensitive nerve with its exploration of the plight of underprivileged immigrants to Italy. It also serves as a tribute to the Italian music scene, with contributions of celebrated Italian rock bands including Verdena, Marlene Kuntz and Afterhours.

Riccardo Scamarcio, Clara Ponsot, Paolo Sassanelli, Souleymane Sow

2012 Festival del Cinema di Roma: Premio Prospettive (Best full-lenght movie)

Moderator: Steve Appelhans, a local film maker and activist.

Pat Broyles, REALTOR, Counselor Realty

 S u n d a y ,  M a r c h  9 ,  2 0 1 4    -    3 : 0 0  p m                           -                     -PREMIERE

Tutti i santi giorni
(Every Blessed Day)

2012, Comedy

Director: Paolo Virzì

Running time: 102 minutes

Venue: St. Anthony Main Theatre 

Guido and Antonia are a young couple living in the suburbs of Rome. The couple’s differences draw them together: Antonia is an extroverted aspiring singer from Sicily; Guido is a shy and cultured concierge from Tuscany. Their mutual wish for a baby is a strong tie in their relationship. This funny, charming film follows the couple as they journey through infertility woes that subject them to the conflicting advice of a progressive gynecologist and a strict catholic doctor as well as neighbors, family and friends. Every Blessed Day is a sweet, funny adventure that will leave you smiling.

Luca Marinelli, Thony, Micol Azzurro, Frank Crudele

2013 David di Donatello: Best Song (“Tutti i santi giorni”)

Moderator: James (Giacomo) D'Aurora, a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, as well as a student of Italian.

Giacomo and Denise D’Aurora
Bolt & Hoffer Law Firm

 S u n d a y ,  M a r c h  9 ,  2 0 1 4    -    5 : 3 0  p m                                 -               -PREMIERE

Gli Equilibristi
(Balancing Act)
2012, Drama

Director: Ivano De Matteo

Running time: 100 minutes

Venue: St. Anthony Main Theatre

This film tells the sometimes comic, sometimes tragic story of Giulio, whose life is upended after he cheats on his wife. After the two separate, Giulio - who earns little money - struggles to provide for his estranged wife and their two children. Giulio’s situation becomes increasingly untenable. This highly acclaimed film captures the emotional and financial struggles Giulio faces as he tries to preserve his dignity.

Valerio Mastandrea, Barbora Bobulova, Maurizio Casagrande, Rosabell Laurenti Sellers

2013 David di Donatello: Best Actor (Valerio Mastandrea)
2013 Nastri d’Argento: Premio Guglielmo Biraghi (Rosabell Laurenti Sellers)
2013 Festival di Venezia: Premio Palisetti (Valerio Mastandrea)

Moderator: Lorella Angelini, a civil engineering consultant, a native of Pesaro in the Italian region of Marche, and has been living in Minneapolis since 1999.

Vittorio and Andrea Raimondi

 S u n d a y ,  M a r c h  9 ,  2 0 1 4    -    8 : 0 0  p m             -                                   -PREMIERE

Che strano chiamarsi Federico
(How Strange to be Named Federico)


Director: Ettore Scola

Running time: 93 minutes

Venue: St. Anthony Main Theatre

This smart, fresh, fascinating film humorously captures director Ettore Scola’s friendship with the celebrated filmmaker Federico Fellini over the course of two decades. The story begins in 1939, as 9-year-old Scola reads Fellini’s magazine cartoons to his blind grandfather. The film defies genres by mixing archival footage with the masterful recreation of defining moments in the lives of the two filmmakers. Among the most memorable highlights are the nocturnal drives in Rome that the insomniac Fellini enjoyed with Scola. The film is warm, fast-paced and graced by Andrea Guerra’s charming musical score. You are sure to agree with the critics and find yourself mesmerized by this film.

Tommaso Lazotti, Vittorio Viviani, Sergio Pierattini, Antonella Attili, Sergio Rubini, Vittorio Marsiglia, Giacomo Lazotti, Emiliano De Martino, Maurizio De Santis

2013 Venice Film Festival: Jaeger-LeCoultre Glory to the Filmmaker award.

Moderator: Lorenzo Fabbri, a professor of Italian at the University of Minnesota, focusing on contemporary Italian cinema and culture. 






Dominic Sposeto

Vittorio and Andrea Raimondi

Institute for Advanced Study/University of Minnesota

Joe Pingatore


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