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Founded in 2006, the Italian Cultural Center of Minneapolis /St. Paul (ICC) is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization open to anyone interested in the unique phenomena of Italian culture.

The ICC was established as a multifaceted center in Minnesota for all things Italian; to serve as a beacon for classic and contemporary Italian culture through language, art, music, design, cinema, architecture and technology.

Our mission is to promote the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Italian culture through educational services and cultural events.

Board of Directors

Vittorio Raimondi, President
Joe Tamburino, Vice President
Christopher Hoffer, Treasurer
Peggy Bocchi Hansen, Administrative Director
Anna Olivero, Adult Language School Curriculum Director
Fabrizio Bonelli
Lorenzo Fabbri
James D'Aurora
Sandra Gengler
Giada Nucera
Tony Nucera
Dominic Sposeto
Brian Balleria
Anthony Tedesco
Astrid Garino

Honorary Board Members

Massimo Bonavita, Co-Founder
Anna Bonavita, Co-Founder
Lon Bencini
Emanuela Corbetta, Founding Member
Lili Hall
Anna Masellis
Nassim Rossi
Nancy Schaefer, Founding Member
Elena Wilsey, Founding Member

Anthony Alessi, Accountant
Meredith Johnson, Executive Assistant
Tiziana Cervesato, Membership and Event Director

The Italian Cultural Center of Minneapolis/St. Paul is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization
 528 Hennepin Ave | Minneapolis, MN 55403 | (612) 295-4111 

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